Bilingual poetry book - $11.95 (Borealis Press, 2005)

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I wrote the title poem from this book while I was at a Sufi retreat in Northeast Vermont. We were meditating on Al Batin, God the Hidden One. After the meditation, we took a break so we could walk silently outside for a while. I went down the hill to a pond and sat by the water. A warm breeze was blowing. Insects were floating in the air. Then I saw a lovely fat bullfrog tucked away under some tall grass. Like me, he was sitting silently, watching and waiting for the blessing, which would surely come.


This is sacred space,
clear pond, mirror of water,
windswept light and shadow.

Flies circle.
Frog sits in glistening curves
of greenness,
in sweet Buddha frogness,
so still beneath the Bodhi tree
of tall grass and summer seeds.

He waits for his Beloved,
who will soon come dancing,
singing on the wind,
on shimmering wing,
who will fall in gladness
to his call of longing.

This is sacred space,
opened out, swept clean -
Light, lighter than air.

Veiled by tall grass
and pond shadow,
the hidden one waits in silence.