Munira Judith Avinger (author: The Empty Bowl, Lifting the Veil, Julia, Hidden, The Cabin)

Munira Judith Avinger was born in Bemidji, Minnesota, and lived in various parts of the US as a child and young adult. After receiving MA's in English and history, she settled in the Skagit Valley of northwest Washington in the early 70's, where she lived on a communal farm and taught music and English in a small cooperative school. In 1976 she moved to Bellingham, Washington, where she worked first as musical director for a community theatre and then as support representative and technical writer for a computer software company. In 1990 she moved to the province of Quebec and in 1992, to a farm in the Eastern Townships, where she could work at home as a technical writer and translator for a software company in Montreal. For the past several years, she has also been teaching creative writing workshops and giving poetry readings throughout Quebec, New England and the Pacific Northwest.

Munira has made an in-depth study of several of the spiritual traditions of the world, including yoga, the Course in Miracles and Sufism. She has applied that study to her work as a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace. Shortly after moving to the Eastern Townships, she built a little cabin in the forest where she spends her time writing, meditating and playing music. Most of her poems have been written in this cabin. Munira decided to have her poems translated because, as she says, "I love living in a bilingual environment and I wanted my poetry to be available in both official languages of Canada. I feel that the goal of Canada to create a multicultural country, with unit in diversity, could be a model for all who strive for peace and harmony throughout the world."

Working on the French translation with Hédi Mizouni
Photo by Fawzia Marei

Hédi Mizouni (translator: The Empty Bowl, Lifting the Veil, Hidden,.) Hédi Mizouni came to the US as a university student from Tunisia. He has a BS from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and MA's in Political Science and French from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. He taught high school in Montreal for nearly 30 years and now lives in Jericho, Vermont, where he teaches yoga and French.

Hédi took the Yoga Teacher Training Class at the Sivananda Ashram in Val Morin, Quebec, and has studied the Course in Miracles and Sufism. When he isn't working, he does organic gardening, meditates, attends spiritual retreats and participates in the Dances of Universal Peace. For Hédi, translating poetry is a labour of love. "Poetry," he says, "is a path to the heart. It is gratifying to translate spiritual work which lifts us all."

With Lisa in front of the old maple tree
Photo by John Thompson

Lisa Neulicht (illustrator: Julia)

Lisa Neulicht lives on a small farm in Ferndale, Washington, with her human and animal family. She enjoys contemplating the Great Mystery while working in the orchards and gardens, while picking flowers and watching the birds, while walking in the Cascade Mountains and on the beaches of Puget Sound, and while being a mom. She has always found herself drawing or painting, and is still amazed every time when something magically appears on that empty piece of paper.

Self portrait in the studio by Dyan Rey

Dyan Rey (cover painting: Hidden)

Dyan Rey has been a professional artist for over twenty years. Her Woman Series is a group of paintings that depict a single woman in a landscape or interior setting. She has come to view the series as a loose interpretation of her "journey" in life. "Stealing Fire" is a part of this series; the water and moon scenery recall her time living on Cape Cod and walking on the moonlit beaches.

Elias practicing the guitar for his brother's wedding
Photo by Kathy Sheffield

Elias Avinger (Greek and Latin translations: Hidden)

Elias Avinger is the loving son of Munira. He received his PhD in Greek and Roman classics from the University of California at Berkeley. He hopes to become wise and serene some day, and in his free time, he sings and dances with Kathy, his beloved, and his dogs, Pac'a and Omar.

Indra with her daughter, Ada
Photo by Munira Judith Avinger

Indra Newlight Pernell (Cover for The Cabin)

Indra's professional history includes film, advertising, motion graphics and user interface design ( She's informed by a background in photography and lighting design. She is currently launching a garment brand called Go Cozily (tm), which promotes cozy living through the wearing of her hand knitted ponchos (; on Twitter).